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Versatile 'WALL-ALBUM' photo display eliminates pins, tape, glue and glass

MISSISSAUGA, CANADA -- BIOSPACE CORP. has developed a versatile new photo frame that holds 12 to 36 or more standard prints without using pins, tape, glue or glass. The lightweight Wall-Album® is easily fastened to any wall, or carried in a portfolio, and mounting and exchanging prints is easier than on a bulletin board with the added advantage that photos stay as good as new.

The Wall-Album holds prints in place with patented transparent mounting strips. The seamless strips hold both the top and bottom edges of the photo without obscuring any part of the image. Users simply insert or retract the edges to slide prints in or out of the Wall-Album. Photos may be overlapped like a collage and mixed with index cards containing printed information for a completely personalized display.

"With the Wall-Album, people can enjoy their favorite pictures all the time - and change or update them in a few seconds," says Wolf Ruck, BIOSPACE president. "It's a great alternative to albums on the shelf or shoe boxes under the bed, and less expensive than permanent frames."

Wall-Albums come in different editions for Classic 3x5, 4x6, 5x7 and the new 3x6, 4x7 and 4x10-inch APS (Advanced Photo System) print formats. Every Wall-Album can be oriented horizontally to display all horizontal prints, or vertically to display all vertical prints. The 'mixed' and 'fridge' editions allow mixing horizontal and vertical 4x6-inch prints and the fridge edition comes with magnets for mounting on refrigerator doors. A 'collector's' edition holds 57 trader cards or wallet size photos and a 'business' edition holds 80 business cards. Wall-Albums also can be hung edge-to-edge to create giant photo murals.

In addition to photo displays, Wall-Albums are ideally suited as organizers for family appointments and recipes in the kitchen; teaching aids and student displays in the classroom; project data and test results in the lab; storyboards and production visuals on location or in the studio; work schedules and processes in the plant; and product information and sales pitches in the boardroom. The easy-to-use Wall-Album makes an ideal gift for friends and acquaintances who enjoy displaying their pictures.

Price range is $24.95 to $29.95, depending on format. Mail Orders add Shipping & Handling.

BIOSPACE CORP., founded in 1990, is an entrepreneurial Canadian company that designs and develops innovative products for organizing one's life space.

For more information, please contact: BIOSPACE CORPORATION 1720 Lincolnshire Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5E 2S7 Tel/Fax (905) 278-0296

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