Wall-Album® Clear

The Clear Way to Display Your Favorite Photos!

The NEW! Wall-Album® Clear Edition features all the unique Wall-Album® advantages of instant organizing and replacing of photos, index cards, post cards, etc. to quickly create colorful collages, notice boards, calendars, project planners, storyboards, sales pitches, presentations, etc. for an up-to-date display that is easily fastened to a wall, suspended from the ceiling or carried in a portfolio.   

Now, Wall-Album® Clear also protects your prints from the environment and tampering, especially in public places. By mounting prints on the back and viewing from the front through the optically clear panel, your photos are perfectly displayed and stay safe and pristine -- without cumbersome frames or matting.   

Wall-Album® Clear is ideal for home, school, office, work and institutional settings where protection from the environment and busy fingers is a priority.

WA-4620c Clear Edition

Dimensions: 54 x 60cm (21.25 x 24in)
For 20 4 x 6-in (10 x 15cm) prints or cards

All horizontal or all vertical prints!

No frame or matting 
Pre-drilled with 4 corner holes for hanging
3.5mm (1/8in) transparent plexiglas panel
Custom formats available by special order

$ 44.95

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