Mounting Photographs  

Step 1 - Position

Step 2 - Secure

Step 3 - Release

To position print, push top edge into upper slot (1) and slide left or right (2)

To secure print, push bottom edge 1/8-inch (3 mm) into lower slot (3)

To release print, reverse (3) or pull top edge out of upper slot and pull out (4)

Additional Tips

1. Orient Wall-Album® vertically to display portrait prints, or horizontally to display landscape prints.
2. Mix verticals with horizontals in Mixed and Fridge Editions.
3. Mount larger format prints (2x or 3x, etc.) by bridging (1 or 2, etc.) mounting strips.
4. To tighten mounting strips, run thumbnail along fold and press down.
5. To loosen strips, run fingernail along inside of fold and lift up.
6. Overlap prints for more collage effect, to save space and accommodate more prints.
7. Use index cards to add text.
8. Hang Wall-Album® on a nail and/or tack/staple corners.
9. For extra protection, mount Wall-Album® behind glass or in a display case.

Stick 'em up!

The Wall-Album® is light and flexible, so you can use 2-sided tape to tack the corners to any suitable surface. 1/2 x 1/2-inch patches of 1/16-inch 2-sided foam tape or Velcro® are ideal. Adhesive putty (e.g. FunTak® works well too!


Avoid leaving the Wall-Album® in direct sunlight or near heat sources.
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