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For Parents, Teachers, Coaches and Instructors who want to motivate students, athletes and the young-at-heart of all ages to participate in sport, improve their skills and achieve their full potential.

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Canoeing and Kayaking

Subject: Canoeing and Kayaking  Length: 95 Pages

Canadian Olympic paddler Wolf Ruck provides a clear and well-illustrated explanation of all aspects of canoeing and kayaking technique. He includes detailed descriptions of canoe and kayak design, paddle design, safety techniques, reading white water, white water and flat water competition, and touring. Numerous diagrams and photographs illustrate the different strokes.  
Canoeing has long been a popular North American pastime and kayaking is increasing rapidly in favor, particularly among white water and sea-kayaking enthusiasts. This book will be equally useful to beginners and to experienced paddlers who wish to improve their technique  
Wolf Ruck is a Canadian physical and health education specialist with an extensive background in outdoor education and recreation. He was an animator and consultant for Youth Outdoors Unlimited, a Canadian wilderness school for youth. As a wilderness guide for an Ontario summer camp, he has undertaken many journeys by canoe and kayak through the Canadian North. He is an expert kayaker and was a member of the Canadian Canoeing Team at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. 
Also an avid cross-country skier, he translated and adapted for North American readers Cross-country Skiing by Hans Brunner and Alois Kaelin.

Originally published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson (1974) 
E-published by Biospace Corporation (2004)

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This is Cross-Country!

Subject: Cross-Country Skiing  Length: 30mins

With a stylish blend of lyrical entertainment and expert instructional progressions, this film covers all the important areas of classic Cross-Country technique and portrays this popular Winter sport the way it is experienced by beginners, tourers, marathoners and world-class racers alike.

Whether shown as a pre-season introduction to the sport or a mid-season refresher on the fine points of technique, this film is ideal for schools, libraries, clubs and enthusiasts who aim to encourage participation, improve skills and enhance the enjoyment of skiing Cross-Country at all levels. 

Broadcasts: CBC National & Local TV ABC National TV (Australia)

DVD:   $24.95  
16mm: $590.00

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Subject: Off-road Cycling  Length: 15mins

They're called "Mountain Bikes" or "Fat Tire Flyers" by off-road enthusiasts and these dynamic human powered machines are at the leading edge of the bicycling revival sweeping the globe today.

Action-packed and instructive, this film brings alive the new-found freedom, challenge and adventure which characterizes this exciting variation of self-propelled sport and recreation.

Featuring expert bike handling and astounding trick riding skills, this film is pure motivational entertainment for youthful audiences and the young-at-heart of all ages.

Broadcasts: CBC National & Local TV

DVD:   $24.95
16mm: $590.00

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1-2-3 ZOOM! 

Subject: High School Sports  Length: 15mins

"... You're always striving to improve in sport ... to do your personal best ... and later on in life ... you'll always want to do your best ... because that's what you're used to ..."

Featuring high school athletes participating in a colorful variety of individual and team sports, this film motivates involvement by students, teachers and the community in the pursuit of instilling positive values, acquiring important life skills and maximizing personal potential through participation in school sports.

Showing how positive effort and directed discipline can result in personal achievement, this film has universal appeal beyond school in the home, the community, the corporate world of business, industry and commerce -- wherever inspired motivation can lead to personal improvement.

Broadcasts: CBC National & Local TV

DVD:   $29.95
16mm: $740.00

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Paddles Up! 

Subject: Olympic Canoe Racing   Length: 20mins

Paddles flash, spray flies and waves of colorful jerseys surge across the screen as young athletes in 15-person war canoes stroke towards a national championship.

Olympic Silver Medallist John Wood and his coach provide a stimulating insight into the philosophy, rigorous training and refined technique of a world champion canoeist.

For young people, this film offers a thrilling introduction to a challenging summer sport. For the general viewer, Paddles Up! presents a refreshing view of young athletes exhilarating in the pure joy of effort.

Awards: New York Film Festival (Blue Ribbon); Waterwalker Film Festival (Competition-Technique Award)

Broadcasts: CBC National & Local TV

DVD:   $24.95
16mm: $370.00

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Subject: Olympic Canoe Racing   Length: 10mins

"... In the final analysis, it comes down to an inner thing ... to be competitive takes primarily desire ... and that means you extend yourself fully in training ... to perfect your technique ... to maximize your capacities ... to do your personal best ... and ultimately ... to win! ..."

The insights of Olympic Silver Medallist John Wood provide a motivational spur and foster a positive attitude towards self-improvement. The emphasis is on the value of setting goals, stretching your limits and striving to improve performance through concentrated effort.

Winning! offers a special incentive for youth and timely inspiration for people of all ages, occupations and walks of life.

Awards: Yorkton Film Festival (Golden Sheaf Award); Canada Council (Golden Reel Award)  
Broadcasts: CBC National & Local TV
Theatrical Release: Cineplex-Odeon

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