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Any information you provide to Biospace Corporation by means of E-mail, Online Order Forms, Telephone Calls or by Snail-Mail is held strictly confidential. Such information is used only for the purpose of providing you with the Information, Products and/or Services you have requested. Biospace Corporation is not in the business of compiling information databases for sale to third parties.

While our Online Order Forms are not currently routed through a Secure Server, please bear in mind that the information you provide travels by E-mail from your computer to our computer via our respective Internet Server Providers (ISP's).

While it may be possible for a highly-skilled Computer Hacker or a fraudulent ISP Manager (at your end , at our end, or in between) to observe and/or collect E-mail transmissions, please bear in mind that such activity is illegal, punishable by law and highly unlikely in the case of our communications via bona fide ISP's.

The degree of Security Risk transmitting Credit Card Numbers via the Internet may in fact be less than the customary practice of signing a Credit Card Slip at a Check-out Counter in full Public View. For example, do you know who observes, handles, collects, stores and processes the Credit Card Slips (and any carbon copies) you leave at the Counter with your Card Number, Name, Expiry Date and even your Personal Signature imprinted on it? What is your guarantee that such information is "secure"?

To avoid any Internet Security concerns you may have, you can order by calling (or printing & faxing completed Order Form) to:

1-800-592-5286 (toll free, Canada & US) or 905-278-0296 (Local & International)


If you have PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Software installed on your system and you prefer to E-mail us in encrypted format, you can find our Public Keys at:


PGP Information can be found at: . If you experience problems, kindly notify us by conventional E-mail below. 

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