The Perfect Way to Display Your Photos Anywhere!

SUPERSTRIPS® are newly patented photo-mounts that offer unlimited options for displaying any number of prints on virtually any surface. The clear, transparent SUPERSTRIPS® blend with any background and don't require pins, tape, glue, glass or frames. Fastened to any suitable surface -- from portable panels to stationary walls, doors, mirrors, windows, storefronts, etc., SUPERSTRIPS® can be configured for mounting standard or custom formatted photos, index cards, post cards, etc. Prints can be oriented horizontally, vertically, or mixed -- and instantly mounted, re-organized, updated or replaced.  With SUPERSTRIPS®, you can create colorful collages, notice boards, calendars, project planners, storyboards, sales pitches, presentations, etc. in virtually any size -- from a single photo to giant collages covering entire walls! SUPERSTRIPS® are ideal for home, school and office.

Closet doors make great photo displays!


Length: 75cm (30in)
Number: 10 per package
Capacity: minimum 45 4 x 6-in (10 x 15cm) prints
Display: horizontal, vertical or mixed prints 
Application: for mounting Standard or Custom sized prints or cards on any suitable surface.
SUPERSTRIPS® can be cut shorter for small display areas, or attached end-to-end to cover entire walls!

$ 19.50

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