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'SUPERSTRIPS' can turn empty spaces into 
colorful collages and giant displays

MISSISSAUGA, CANADA -- BIOSPACE CORP. has expanded the versatility of its Wall-Album® photo-display system with the introduction of SUPERSTRIPS® -- patented mounting strips which can be attached to virtually any surface and in a variety of configurations to create instant "collages" displaying any number of photo prints, index cards and similar graphic and alphanumeric cards or sheets.

SUPERSTRIPS hold prints in place by means of transparent channels arranged in parallel rows. The seamless strips hold both the top and bottom edges of the photo flat without unsightly borders, bending or obscuring any part of the image. Users simply insert or retract print edges to slide photos in or out of the SUPERSTRIPS. Photos may be overlapped like a collage and mixed with index cards to add printed information for a completely personalized display.

"With SUPERSTRIPS, people have total freedom to locate and arrange their displays on doors, walls, blackboards, storefronts -- any suitable surface -- and change or update them in a few seconds," says Wolf Ruck, BIOSPACE president. "They are an improvement over pins, tape or glue because the photos are not damaged and remain 100% re-usable. SUPERSTRIPS also cost substantially less than traditional frames."

SUPERSTRIPS come in 30-inch (75cm) lengths packaged with an easy to use template to facilitate arranging the strips in parallel according to the print sizes to be mounted -- from standard Classic (3x5, 4x6, 5x7-inch) and Advanced Photo System (3x6, 4x7 and 4x10-inch) formats (9x13, 10x15, 13x18-cm and 9x15, 10x18 and 10x25-cm respectively) to trader card, wallet photo and business card sizes. SUPERSTRIPS can be configured to display prints horizontally, vertically or both. They can be trimmed (with scissors) to fit into small areas, or strips can be added to create giant displays covering entire walls. The clear, transparent SUPERSTRIPS blend with any surface to which they are attached and are virtually invisible. 

In addition to photo displays, SUPERSTRIPS are ideally suited for creating organizers for family appointments and recipes in the kitchen; teaching aids and student displays in the classroom; project data and test results in the lab; storyboards and production visuals on location or in the studio; work schedules and processes in the plant; product information and sales pitches in the boardroom and the display of information (e.g. price specials or real estate properties) in storefront windows. The easy-to-use SUPERSTRIPS make an ideal gift for friends and acquaintances who enjoy displaying their pictures.

A package of ten 30-inch (75cm) SUPERSTRIPS retails for $14.99 CAD and can accommodate a minimum of 45 4x6-inch (10x15cm) prints. Mail Orders add Shipping & Handling.

For a finished frame look, the lightweight Wall-Album® comes with SUPERSTRIPS pre-formatted to hold from 12 to 36 prints, depending on the print size and Wall-Album edition. The Wall-Album is easily fastened to any surface, or carried in a portfolio, and it offers the same benefits of instant mounting, re-arranging and up-dating of photos for maximum user convenience. 

Wall-Album price range is $24.95 to $29.95 each, depending on format. Mail Orders add Shipping & Handling.

BIOSPACE CORPORATION, founded in 1990, is a Canadian company that designs and develops innovative products for organizing our life space.

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