The PlayMaker® is an ideal vehicle for corporate promotions and sponsorship for Teams, Clubs, Leagues and Associations. The Sponsor's logo is permanently imprinted and prominently displayed on the front cover of the PlayMaker® for long-term visibility in a wide variety of training and game environments.

We can add your Organization's Name, Sponsor's logo, etc. in the space provided !


1. For widest visibility, Sponsors can purchase "advertising space" on a large volume of custom-printed  PlayMaker®s which are then distributed and sold through the Sponsor's regular retail channels.

2. For  in-house promotions, Sponsors can purchase custom-printed PlayMaker®s for give-aways or cross-promotions.

3. To help support their favorite sports organization, Sponsors can purchase custom-printed PlayMaker®s and distribute them "free" to all the Coaches.

4. Leagues and Associations can purchase custom-printed PlayMaker®s in volume at a discount and re-sell them to their Coaches to raise funds for their organization.  

A set-up fee of $100 (you supply digital or scannable white on black artwork) plus $1.50 per unit is surcharged for imprinting a logo on the PlayMaker®. Minimum run is 100 units.

To order the PlayMaker® with logo imprinted, contact

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