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Coaching made easy with 'PLAYMAKER'

MISSISSAUGA, CANADA -- BIOSPACE CORP. has developed a versatile new coaching tool for teaching drills, tactics and plays at all levels. Templates for the different sports depict the field of play and magnetic “players” can be instantly organized and repositioned to illustrate the drill, tactic or play.

The PlayMaker® is lightweight and handheld for maximum portability in any field, arena, gym, hall or pool situation. In addition to showing the field of play, team lists, schedules, lines, times, statistics, plays, notes, etc. can be stored in handy side pockets for quick reference.

Each PlayMaker comes with 2 teams of players + a "ball". Interchangeable full-field and half-field templates permit detailed offence/defense analysis. The "players" are quickly and easily repositioned to show the set-up and execution for a drill, tactic or play. The resulting visual display adds precision and clarity to verbal descriptions. A dry-erase marker may be used to highlight moves and a generic "Game Report" master for tracking attendance, line-ups, score-keeping and statistics is included.

"PlayMaker is based on the premise that organization + visualization = better execution," says Wolf Ruck, Biospace president. "It's a combination clipboard, gameboard and file folder and a great tool for quick, clear and effective communication by coaches, teachers and parents before, during and after practices and games." 

The PlayMaker comes in three multi-sport configurations for school, university and community environments, depending on the number of templates included in the package. The 'All-American' version includes fields for Baseball, Basketball, Football, Ice-Hockey and Lacrosse. The 'International' version includes the above with the addition of Cricket, Field-Hockey, Rugby, Soccer and Volleyball. The 'Olympic" version includes all of the above plus Badminton, Curling, Handball, Ringette, Tennis and Waterpolo. The 'Sport' version has one template for leagues and individuals specializing in one sport.

Price range is $34.95 to $49.95, depending on format. Mail Orders add Shipping and Handling.

BIOSPACE CORP., founded in 1990, is an entrepreneurial Canadian company that designs and develops innovative products for organizing one's life space.

For more information, please contact: BIOSPACE CORPORATION 1720 Lincolnshire Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5E 2S7 Tel/Fax (905) 278-0296

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