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BIOSPACE is a Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Mail Order Store for innovative products including  Wall-Album® Photo Frames, SUPERSTRIPS® Photo Mounts, PlayMaker® Sports Coaching Tools, Sports Books and Videos and assorted Sports Gear. Parents, Teachers, Coaches and Shoppers will find items for Home, School and Office at this site. If you or your organization have a WebSite, you can become an Online Partner and earn Extra Income or Fundraise for your group!


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SUPERSTRIPS® are patented photo-mounts that offer unlimited options for displaying any number of prints on virtually any surface -- from portable panels to stationary walls, doors, mirrors, windows, storefronts, etc.  SUPERSTRIPS® can be configured for mounting standard or custom formatted photos, index cards, post cards, etc. You can create colorful collages, notice boards, calendars, project planners, storyboards, sales pitches, presentations, etc. in virtually any size -- from a single photo to giant collages covering entire walls!  SUPERSTRIPS® are ideal for home, school and office.


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Except for the Wall-Album® Clear Edition

The Wall-Album® is a versatile new photo "bulletin board" that holds 12 to 25 or more prints without using pins, tape, glue or glass. Your photos stay as good as new and exchanging prints to keep your display up-to-date is a snap! The lightweight Wall-Album® is easily fastened to any flat surface -- or carried in a portfolio -- and allows instant organizing, displaying, and replacing of photos, index cards, post cards, etc. You can create colorful collages, notice boards, calendars, project planners, tournament flow charts, schedules, storyboards, sales pitches, presentations, etc. Ideal for home, school, office and on location! See Testimonials to read what customers say about the Wall-Album®.

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PlayMaker® is the new 3-in-1 coaching tool for teaching drills, tactics and plays in all sports at all levels. Exchangeable templates depict the field of play and the magnetic "ball" & “players” of two teams can be instantly organized and repositioned to illustrate the drill, tactic or play. Team lists, schedules, lines, times, statistics, etc. stay organized and handy. Designed by an active coach, PlayMaker® is the ideal combination of coach’s clipboard, gameboard & file folder. It is indispensible for good organization and effective communication by coaches, teachers and parents.

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Books, Films & Videos

For Teachers, Coaches and Enthusiasts.

These lyrical Sports Films & Videos are for Teachers, Coaches and Instructors who want to motivate students, athletes and the young at heart of all ages to participate in sport, improve their skills and achieve their full potential.

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